A fresh, herbaceous blend of juniper berry and lavender to cleanse and energize.

Cardea AuSet’s hand-poured candles are crafted with natural soy wax and pure essential oils to gently enhance your space with three signature scent blends. Each candle is housed in a piece from our curated collection of vintage glassware.

The candle that you receive will be housed in one of our vintage glassware pieces. As we search high and low for the most lovely glass to match the scent, we may come across single glasses or entire sets. Because of this, when you choose this candle, you are selecting the scent. Candle size will vary slightly based on the glass, and glassware may be imperfect.

If you are an Interior Decorator and would like to commission a single or set of vintage glass candles, please contact us. 

5 - 8 oz

Usage: trim wick to ¼ inch before use, place on heat resistant surface, light and allow the scent to transform your space.

Ingredients: soy wax (cire de soja), juniper berry and lavender essential oils (huiles essentielles de baie de genièvre et de lavende).


*Juniper berry can stimulate the uterine muscle, consult your physician before using JUNE while pregnant.

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