An Energizing Morning Yoga Flow

Practicing yoga in the morning is a great way to set your mood for the day, wake yourself up by activating your nervous system and the movement will help with lymphatic drainage. There are way more benefits to having a consistent practice, but the gist is, do some yoga, even if only for 10 minutes and your body, mind and soul will thank you later!

Before you step onto your mat, think of an intention you want to bring with you for practice and maybe even for the rest of your day. Maybe today you practice patience, lead with your heart or go with the flow of the day. We are currently in Aquarius Full Moon, and your intention could be connected to the potent air energy.

“Aquarius reminds us that we are each carry a unique frequency and we emit that frequency out into the world in various ways. It projects through our thoughts, our behaviors, and our intentions. We are always sending out a signal through our vibration which attracts energy to us and contributes to the overall vibration of the planet. ”



The flow:

• super easy, lots of breath work and spinal movement to wake up your nervous system.

Step onto your mat and start in Mountain Pose. Stay in Mountain Pose for a few breaths to find your breath, stability and balance. Remember during your practice you can always come back to this pose to centre and ground yourself.

To start your flow practice, I like to take a deep breath in and reach up then stretching to each side for a few moments while holding your opposite wrist – Banana Asana. You can then move into your forward fold by hinging your hips forward before reaching for the ground and begin a round of Sun Salutations.

Once you’ve completed a few Sun Salutations, sit on your mat to begin Seated Circles. It’s kind of like a Cat/Cow motion with your torso except you’re sitting cross-legged. Move in each direction for a few rounds of breath. Next, you can move into a table top position to begin, Cat Cow – inhaling with Cow and exhaling with Cat.


As you work through your last round of Cat Cow go back to a flat back table top and push through into Downward Dog – hold this for a few breaths and add variations like peddling your legs to awaken your hamstrings and twisting your feet from side-to-side to bring expanded breath into your rib cage.

The final gooey pose to move through is Child’s Pose. Now is a great time to ground yourself and your breath before Savasana. To make this pose more energizing try reaching to each corner of your mat to feel your inhales and exhales expand your ribs for a nice side body stretch.

You can end your energizing morning flow with a 5-minute meditation practice after your Savasana. I enjoy mantra meditation (you can also use sound or breath as your anchor). A mantra you can repeat and come back to during your practice could be something similar to this.

“New Day (breathe in), New Beginnings (breathe out).”

To set the mood for your morning practice sage your space, light a candle and roll-on or spray some ACTIVATE!

Happy Flowing!

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