5 Ways to Improve Your Space Right. Now.

Physical space and mental space go hand-in-hand. That's why it's so important to keep living and workspaces clutter-free and decorated with mood-boosting goods that can help you feel centred, connected, and relaxed. We're always looking for ways to up 'productivity' and create soothing energy, so we're sharing a few suggestions on steps you can take and things you can add to set yourself up for success:

Music + Sound

Theatre Seating

The power of sound to impact our mood is incredible. The right music can set the stage for a fun get-together, girls night, deep house clean, meditation and work session. Choose nature sounds when you're feeling foggy or about to meditate, and uplifting vibes when you need to get sh*t done. Our favourite soundtracks are ones that flow through new favourite, throwbacks, and classics and leave us smiling and bobbing our heads. Check out our iTunes channel to dig into some of our curated playlists, like this one that served as our launch-day mood and still gets updated daily.

Plant Life


A house is made a home only through the life injected into the space by beaming, living greenery and blooms. Plants have a way of improving our mood, brightening up our space, and reminding us of the power of Mother Nature. Plus, they have air-purifying qualities and can literally absorb and remove toxins from your space. Some of the most powerful cleansers are Bromeliads and Anthuriums, but choose plants that make sense for your skill level and lighting.

Candles + Flame

Image via  The Blondie Locks

Nothing compares to a flickering flame with a gentle scent floating around your space. Our hand-poured FLAME candles offer scents made up of natural, essential oils in lieu of headache-inducing fragrances so they're just as soothing as they are beautiful. SHOP FLAME in our RITUAL section.

Palo Santo

Billowing clouds of Palo Santo are so lovely whether you're trying to settle into your desk, bath tub, or yoga mat. We love the sweet, woodsy scent as it transforms a space in an instant and brings on nostalgic campfire vibes. Known as Holy Wood in South America, Palo Santo is also said to have energy cleansing properties, and makes a perfect housewarming gift for your self or a friend. SHOP PALO SANTO.

Crystals + Stone Meditation Kit

Image via  Jocelynne Flor

Image via Jocelynne Flor

Healing crystals and precious stones are quite literally pieces of history, as they're made up of ancient minerals, rocks and other magical particles. You can find large individual stones or, if you're new to crystals, try out one of our Stone Meditation Kits. SHOP STONE MEDITATION KITS in our RITUAL section.

Did these work for you? What are your favourite ways to set the mood and improve your space? Share with us below ⬇️⬇️⬇️