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Welcome to our "In the Lab" blog series, where we'll occasionally share sneak peaks of upcoming products and some insight on the creative process behind them. The Lab itself is an office of sorts, where we research, waft, mix, cut, and assemble the goods. With our launch coming in September (date TBA~keep your eyes open for announcements + contests!) we've been working *extra* behind-the-scenes at #cardeaHQ to make sure each product is perfect.

SEA mineral soak

Are you a bath person? If so, perfect! If not, we think we can convince you because - surprise! - we're bath people. As official bath people, we're always searching for ways to enhance the ritual for our bodies + souls. For example, we thought, "what if we could soak in a super-charged blend of minerals?" and, "what if our super-charged blend of minerals could be super-beautiful, too?"

SEA mineral soak - Cardea AuSet

SEA mineral soak - Cardea AuSet

We created SEA mineral soak as an answer to our questions - a detoxifying blend of salts from the Dead Sea and Himalayas + dried pink rose petals. This blend will bless your skin with: 

  • sodium
  • zinc
  • magnesium
  • sulphur
  • selenium
  • calcium
  • bromide
  • potassium

aka minerals with properties that soothe skin + tired muscles, stimulate circulation, calm nerves, and promote healing. How relaxing!

PALO SANTO smudge stick

Palo Santo - aka "holy wood" - comes from the bursera graveolens tree, native to South America and a relative of frankincense, myrrh, and copal. This sacred wood has historically been used as a medicine and to cleanse and purify energy. 

PALO SANTO - Cardea AuSet

PALO SANTO - Cardea AuSet

Adding Palo Santo to our collection of ritual goods was important to us. Its scent is citrus-y with hints of herbacious pine and mint, and lighting up a stick can be incredibly uplifting and chill-inducing. Notice the chalice imprint on our sticks, symbol of the womb of the goddess + universal feminine energies ☽

A smudge ceremony with Palo Santo is much like a sage smudge - you'll also need a heat-proof bowl or abalone shell, and a lighter. Simply light the end of the stick, and slowly blow down on the embers to spread smoke around your body and space, allowing the scent to transform your energy.


" The sense of smell can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back pictures as sharp as photographs of scenes that had left the conscious mind."

- Thalassa Cruso


This is a great ritual to enjoy as a way to cleanse your space or home, before or on special occasions, full and new moons, and as a prelude to meditation. 

FLAME soy wax candles

SOY WAX - Cardea AuSet

SOY WAX - Cardea AuSet

When we think of enhancing our space through ritual and scent, candles are our go-to. A freshly lit candle is so powerful, and can transport us mentally and spiritually. Have you ever just sat and looked into a candle flame? ~ hello, hypnosis ~

While planning our candle collection, we focused on creating plant-based, natural blends of wax and essential oils, sans synthetic fragrances. Our candles feature pure essential oils with calming, subtle scent, making them perfect for an intimate setting. Plus, they offer the added benefits of essential oils, i.e. relief from stress + anxiety, enhanced mood, and mental clarity.

Peep our 3 signature scents:

JUNE | juniper + lavender

CEDAR | cedarwood + ylang-ylang (y'like, y'like?)

DALE | sage + sweet orange

Don't you feel like you already have a favourite?

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