Good Mood Herbal Infusion


Written by: Lauren Harasty / @laurenharasty

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you’re supposed to do in a day? Besides living a life, you also have to get 8 hours of sleep, drink tons of water, eat a balanced diet, stress less...the list goes on. I have a hot tip for you: you can increase your hydration levels, get a load of vitamins and minerals, AND reduce stress and improve your mood with one simple preparation—infusions.

Prepared similarly to tea, an infusion extracts the vitamins and minerals from herbs by letting them steep for an extended amount of time (4 hours or more) in a covered jar so all of the oils remain in the liquid. You’ll find creating infusions will open your eyes to the magic around you—it allows you to physically touch powerful medicine that has been on this planet forever. Plus, they’re fun and beautiful to make.


The combinations of herbs you can make is endless, but this infusion is developed specifically to boost your mood and promote ease - it will have a calming, stress-relieving, and soothing effect. It is literally chill in a drink. The powerhouses behind this infusion are the nervine herbs St John’s Wort and Oatstraw. These herbs have direct affects on the nervous system and are known to treat depression and reduce anxiety. Combined with Skullcap—an anti-inflammatory herb of the mint family known to reduce hysteria and insomnia—this infusion will wrap a blanket around your nerves.

Dried herbs are easier to find than you think! A quick google search will show some local herb shops, but Mountain Rose Herbs is a great online option! For those in Toronto, check out The Herbal Clinic & Dispensary on Roncesvalles or Tutti Frutti in Kensington Market.




1. In a quart size mason jar, add all ingredients (don’t worry about being precise - have fun!). Meanwhile, boil a large pot of water.
2. Pour hot water into the jar, fill right to the top.
3. Close the lid tightly and let sit for 4 hours or longer. Overnight is great.
4. Strain (I use a normal tea strainer for this, but any fine weave strainer works).
5. Serve diluted with water and sip throughout your day!