Celery Leaf + Collagen Smoothie

Immune-boosting Celery Leaf and Collagen Smoothies

Immune-boosting Celery Leaf and Collagen Smoothies

We were recently interviewed by Well TO Do, a web-based go-to on everything fitness, nutrition and wellness in T.O. We talked about the inspiration behind the brand, visions of the future, and our own wellness rituals, which inspired us to share a little of that ritual with you.

One of our favourite wellness practices starts at breakfast, with a giant blend of *so many things* including fruits, veg, proteins and powders.

It seems like everyone around us has a cold right now, and we're desperate for an immunity-boost. This week, our CSA basket included Celery Leaf, a green that we've never cooked with, and the perfect opportunity to put a new spin on the classic "green smoothie."

Mis en place

Mis en place

Lemon juice, ginger, and vitamin C rich grapes and mango are bright-flavoured immunity boosters. Avocado, hemp seeds, and collagen powder are the proteins and healthy fats that make this smoothie satisfying and satiating. Adjust ingredients and quantities based on your personal preferences and tastes 


  • 1/2 an Avocado

  • 1 cup frozen Mango

  • 1 cup green Grapes

  • Handful bunch of Celery Leaf (including stems)

  • A big chunk of peeled Ginger

  • Juice from 1/3 Lemon

  • 1 tbsp Collagen powder

  • 1 tsp Hemp Seeds

  • water to cover ingredients




  1. Throw all ingredients into the blender.

  2. Fill to cover with water.

  3. Blend.

  4. Pour.

  5. Drink immediately, or divide into glass jars for later (aka tomorrow morning.)

Enjoy ☺

Mis en place pt. 2

Mis en place pt. 2