Many Moons Workbook

2018 Vol 1: January-June

New Year, New Phases

We can’t believe it; a brand-new year is upon us, and with it comes our first opportunity to share Cardea Book Club beyond our Newsletter subscribers. What makes *this* book so special (and why we’re so excited to share) is that it’s a monthly Moon Phase workbook that walks us through ritual and manifestation techniques, and how to utilize the Moon's powerful energy as a guide for personal growth and self-love.


January is a powerful month for anyone tapping into her energy. With a Full Moon, Super Moon opening the month, and Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse ending it, our intuitive powers come full circle.

**As we move through 2018, we'll be sharing about our experience with this workbook: what we love, what techniques are helping us nurture growth, and our favourite rituals. Please comment below, email or DM us with any questions you have pertaining to a phase, and we'll share some insight gleaned from the book. ** 


Working with the Workbook

At the start of 2018, we were working with the energy of the Full Moon. We began with a high-level look at the first 6 months of the year, including some of our personal and professional goals, hopes, and dreams. We gathered together to talk and share, feeding off one another's ideas, and drawing energy from the Moon.


Setting these BIG goals was a way to think closely about how best to embody the energy we want to manifest and bring into our lives. The Full Moon should be a time for positive thought. Since the energy is so heightened, it's a good opportunity to take note of any messages surrounding us in the present moment: are we able to take comfort in our surroundings? Are we nurturing our interests beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of being? Are we taking care to live healthfully? Are we channeling hope into action with respect to our goals and dreams?

By the first New Moon of the year, we were already feeling such connection between what we wrote in our high-level intentions and our low-level actions. We'll share two examples here:

Physical Space

INTENTION: Enhance Organizational Practices | Prevent Spatial Clutter from Becoming Mental Clutter

ACTION: Clean, Purge, and Organize Bathroom Drawers, Kitchen Cupboards, File Cabinets

Physical Body

INTENTION: Maintain Kindness, Care, and Respect For My Body

ACTION: Practice Yoga Daily, Try a New Fitness Class or Studio, Make Meals at Home, Acknowledge Cravings and Do Not Acknowledge Guilt 

So far, the takeaway from this book is accountability: being able to flip back to our high-level monthly overview as we move through each ritual seems so helpful in making connections between what we want and what we can do about it, and in holding ourselves accountable to work on being the best versions of ourselves 💖


Do you like the idea of working with the cycles of the Moon? Let us know what you think, we'd love to hear from you ⬇️