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Winter Solstice Horoscopes

We begin our Winter Solstice with the great conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, a rare transit that occurs once every 20 years. During this movement, these slow-moving planets will move in tandem from earth sign Capricorn, who has been focusing our energy toward material gain. On December 21, we will shift our collective thinking towards humanitarian causes, a focus on science, and creating a brighter future for our planet. The Sun also lights up hard-working Capricorn on December 21, encouraging us to get organized for the new year to come. Use this transit to get your priorities in order, and take time to reflect on how you can better care for yourself. Use this transit to set up healthy boundaries and make time for self-care.


We're ready to take on more responsibility with our finances starting January 8, when material-minded Venus makes her way into practical Capricorn. We're also drawn towards people who share the same tastes in aesthetics and support our artistic sides. You may notice that passions cool down during this transit — it's time to reinvest time into self-love.

If you've been feeling a little stagnant lately, you'll be excited for January 14 when change-making Uranus stations direct in reliable Taurus. We're blessed with a new perspective on how to use our resources better and increase our flexibility. Now is the time to experiment with our image and find out what fits — be brave as the planet of innovation moves forward.

Want to learn more about yourself? We're encouraged to seeking out more independence beginning January 19, when the Sun moves into forward-thinking Aquarius. This transit can reveal where our soul feels hungry and identify how to nurture our need for knowledge and innovation.

It may feel as though it's difficult to be understood starting January 30 when Mercury, our planet of communication stations retrograde in eccentric Aquarius. Reduce your output, work to slow down as the messenger planet moves in reverse — now is the time to be kind to ourselves. We're feeling a little bit weirder than usual, which can offer us valuable new perspectives. Don't forget to come back down to earth if your head is too far in the clouds. Talk your feelings out, and remember that feelings aren't facts.


February begins with a bang as sweet Venus enters open-minded Aquarius on the first, helping us to reconnect with our inner feelings. We may notice that we require more space in our relationships to discover who we are. If you're single, this transit can help you to blossom from within. Attached? It's important to encourage your partner to nurture their creative sides and engage in hobbies that support a healthy sense of self.

We're encouraged to develop our imaginations starting February 18, when the Sun enters intuitive Pisces. Pay close attention to your emotions, and rely on self-care to help raise your vibrations. Check in with yourself to ensure that you're getting enough rest, good food, and exercise during this sensitive transit.

We're feeling ready to move forward beginning February 20 when Mercury stations direct in Aquarius, but make sure to conserve your energy as the messenger planet still needs to complete his post-retrograde shadow period. Think of the next three weeks after Mercury stations direct as a readjustment period — make way for your new normal on March 12.

Finally, sensual Venus speeds into sensitive Pisces on February 25, strengthening our capacity for compassion. Use this transit to understand your emotions better. If you're in a relationship, this transit offers you the beautiful opportunity to connect with your partner on a new level. Single? Learn to let yourself feel what you need to handle, and process your feelings through journaling, mindfulness, and meditation.

Winter 2021 according to your sign:


Are you looking to create more stability in your life, Aries? Ruling Mars enters reliable Taurus on January 6, helping you to pace yourself as you work towards your goals — it's not a race, it's a marathon. You could begin to collaborate with others on an exciting project in the new year starting on January 19. The Sun, who rules your creative abilities, and need for entertainment and pleasure, moves into your 11th house of friendship, desire, and technology. Reach out to people who share your optimistic outlook, and discuss how you can work together to create something new and exciting.

Be kind to yourself and allow for slight delays in your schedule starting on January 30 as Mercury, your planet ruling both health and work stations retrograde in wild Aquarius. Work to think outside of your routine as the messenger planet moves in reverse, and see how you can adjust your thinking.

Romance and money-ruling Venus makes her way into creative Aquarius on February 1, inspiring you to consider new ways for you to evolve your love language, as well as financial practices. Whether you're single or attached, you're interested in attaining more freedom and independence during this soul-searching transit.

You're ready to get back into your routine starting February 20, when task-oriented Mercury stations direct in Aquarius. Try not to bite off more than you can chew while the messenger planet moves through his post-retrograde shadow period, ending on March 12.


When was the last time you invested time in your hidden self, Taurus? You might be inspired to start nurturing your spiritual side beginning on January 6, when inner-growth ruling Mars enters responsible Taurus. Look within yourself by creating a practice that allows you to listen to your inner voice.

You may feel motivated to begin a new routine that supports your physical being starting on January 8, when Venus, your planetary ruler of health and wellness, makes her way into ambitious Capricorn. Use this transit to get focused on an activity or meal plan that supports your well-being — if you can stick with it for longer than two weeks, you'll have formed a helpful new habit.

Get ready to start making waves on January 14, as influential Uranus stations direct in Taurus. The planet of change rules your career and status zones, helping to spread your message far and wide. Make use of this transit by cleaning up your online image and doing your homework before sharing your knowledge with the world.

Speedy Mercury, your ruling planet of money, stations retrograde in independent Aquarius on January 30, warning you to take it easy with your spending. Avoid making large purchases on technology or signing any big contracts as the messenger planet moves in reverse.

You'll be feeling more confident about your finances starting February 20, when Mercury stations direct in Aquarius — hold your horses until March 12, when Mercury completes his post-retrograde shadow period.


It's time to start doing things differently, Gemini. Get creative with your routines beginning January 8 when schedule-savvy Mercury makes his way into independent Aquarius. Use this transit as a fresh slate to experiment with how you get things done — this new way of thinking could help you discover new ideas, hobbies, and social circles.

Set an intention to get serious about your finances on January 13, during your money-ruling Moon's newest cycle in wise Capricorn. New Moons are a brilliant time to reframe your thinking around short term goals. Consider how you can redirect your cash flow to help support a goal that allows you to work towards a long-term pursuit.

You may feel as though you're going through growing pains at home starting on January 30 when domestic-ruling Mercury stations retrograde in independent Aquarius. Have patience with loved ones, family, and roommates while the messenger planet travels in reverse through this oddball sign.

Try to spread your wings a little until February 20, when Mercury stations direct in Aquarius. You'll be feeling back to your old self again on March 12, when your domestic ruler leaves his post-retrograde shadow period.

It's easy for you to get in touch with your emotions starting on March 15 when speedy Mercury enters deep-feeling Pisces. Be honest about what you need from those you share a space with to create healthy boundaries.


You've got what it takes to make a significant impact, Cancer. Take a cue from stable earth signs and prioritize endurance in your work starting January 6, as influential Mars enters persistent Taurus. Use this transit to become known for your talents and advertise your skills on social media regularly (consistency is essential).

Be gentle with your heart starting January 30 as inner-growth ruling Mercury stations retrograde in creative Aquarius. It could feel as though it's harder to connect with your inner voice as the messenger planet moves in reverse — have faith in yourself that you will find your direction in time.

Redirect your energies towards creating a fresh new space starting February 1, as sweet Venus enters creative Aquarius. It could be as simple as giving your room a fresh new coat of paint, upgrading your side table, or creating some warm new lighting to beautify your space.

Enjoy getting cozy at home, and anticipate a spiritual metamorphosis starting February 20 when intuitive Mercury stations direct in Aquarius.

Get ready to take the lead at work beginning March 3, as career-minded Mars enters witty Gemini. Start sharing ideas, and enjoy delving into the creative process with colleagues.

You'll be ready to find your sense of direction fully when Mercury exits his post-retrograde shadow period on March 12.

LEO ♌️

You've got a lot of love to give the world, Leo. Single or attached, you'll be in the mood to share uplifting and encouraging feelings starting January 14, when affection-ruling Uranus stations direct in warmhearted Taurus.

You may notice that you can see yourself in others on January 28 and 29, when the Moon waxes full in charismatic Leo. Use this transit to get to know others better and share the spotlight. We're all fighting to be seen and heard, so put your listening ears on.

Consider how you can better care for your cash starting on January 30, when financial minded Mercury stations retrograde in forward-thinking Aquarius. When the messenger planet moves in reverse, it's best advised to be conservative with our spending and hold off on making major purchases. Make the most of this transit by saving up for something special to enjoy when Mercury stations direct. You could also use this transit to learn more about your habits and how you can create a better relationship with money.

Are you tempted to go it alone in your career? You may feel pulled towards a freelance or entrepreneurial path starting February 1 when career ruling Venus enters independent Aquarius. If this isn't your chosen direction, you may find that you need to take on a passion project to show off more of your talents.

You're feeling more confident with your assets starting February 20 when money-minded Mercury stations direct in Aquarius. Hold on making any money moves until March 12, when the messenger planet completes his post-retrograde shadow period.


Are you ready to get back into a routine, Virgo? Schedule savvy Uranus stations direct in reliable Taurus on January 14, helping to find your way back to a sense of normalcy. Pat yourself on the back for being so flexible during these unpredictable times. They've made you stronger than you can imagine.

You may need to take things slowly at work starting on January 30, as influence-ruling Mercury stations retrograde in independent Aquarius. Keep your tasks simple, as it's easy to get distracted during this transit.

You'll be feeling more centred by February 20, when career-ruling Mercury stations direct in Aquarius. Try not to take on too much yet, though, as the messenger planet still needs to complete his post-retrograde shadow period on March 12 before things get back to normal.

It's easy to get on the same page with others on February 27, as the Moon waxes full in perfectionist Virgo. Standards are higher, and we're able to cut through time-wasting activities with ease.

If you're in a relationship, You may feel compelled to share your desires with your partner starting March 3, when sensual Mars enters communicative Gemini. Single? This transit could draw you to open and ready people to experience your adventurous side — have fun.


Curious to get to know your hidden self better, Libra? You may need to start by taking baby steps beginning on January 30, when inner-growth ruling Mercury stations retrograde in analytical Aquarius. Practice meditation and work to separate your material from your spiritual needs during this transit.

Work your artistic muscles starting February 1 and develop your creative side beginning February 1, when ruling Venus enters inventive Aquarius. Try to make something that is just for you, not as a moneymaking or attention-grabbing scheme. Remember, it doesn't have to perfect or even good if you enjoy the process — live to experiment and explore.

Your influential ruling Moon begins a new cycle in ingenious Aquarius on February 11, offering you the chance to set an intention to redirect your talents. Consider how you'd like to grow and be seen in the world during this promising New Moon.

Spiritual Mercury stations direct in Aquarius on February 20, helping you to reconnect with your inner compass. Try walking before you run, as Mercury will be inhabiting his post retrograde shadow period until March 12.

It's time to speak your truth to your loved ones starting March 3, as passionate Mars enters chatty Gemini. Whether you're in a relationship or single, you'll notice that you need to share your thoughts with those you love. Be ready to listen as well so that you can have meaningful conversations to deepen your bond.


How can you create a calmer atmosphere, Scorpio? You're encouraged to seek out stability starting January 6, when Mars, your planet of health and work, enters security-loving Taurus. Aim to create a purposeful new schedule that supports your well-being during this energetic transit.

Your home life is about to gain more consistency beginning on January 14, when domestic-ruling Uranus stations direct in patient Taurus. Enjoy making your space your own and creating spaces for small rituals to enrich your days for the upcoming winter.

Get ready to raise your voice and share exciting new ideas with others starting January 19, when your influence-focused Sun moves into your 3rd house of communication and community. You've got what it takes to bring attention to a meaningful conversation, so get prepared to be put into the spotlight.

Listen to your heart closely, beginning on February 25, when romantic Venus makes her way into sensitive Pisces. Single or attached, you'll be getting more in tune with your emotions during this eye-opening transit. Make sure to protect yourself from anxious feelings by practicing positive affirmations as it's easy to become extra vulnerable under this movement.


Do you need to reaffirm your individuality, Sagittarius? Take time to support your identity starting January 8 when ambition and affection ruling Mercury makes his way into independent Aquarius. If you're in a relationship, you may need to explain that you need to take some time to invest in your intellectual side. This thirst for knowledge will indeed support your career ambitions as well, so focus on honing your skills or explore new subjects that catch your interest.

You're feeling more disciplined beginning January 8 as routine-ruling Venus makes her way into practical Capricorn. Use this transit to help you create a comfortable new schedule that supports you as you reach your goals.

You may feel that you're losing steam starting January 30, when passionate Mercury stations retrograde in easygoing Aquarius. Take this as a sign that you require rest to help stoke your fire.

You'll be ready to begin wrapping your head around a new strategy for your passion projects starting February 20 when Mercury stations direct in Aquarius. Be patient with yourself as the messenger planet needs time to get back to full throttle on March 12, when he completes his post-retrograde shadow period.


You're no stranger to commanding respect, Capricorn. However, your leadership style takes on a brilliant new form starting January 8 when influence-ruling Venus makes her way into powerful Capricorn. You're drawn towards people who are ready to put the work in — use this transit to expand your network, and create beautiful and useful new structures you can be proud of. Prioritize your partnerships and work towards a brighter future together.

Are you ready to invite more love into your life? Your romantic-ruling Moon invites you to set a positive intention for your relationships on January 13, as she begins a new phase in Capricorn.

Suppose you're working to gain a better understanding of your cash flow. In that case, you'll be in a prime position to learn some useful financial tips starting on January 14 when money-minded Uranus stations direct in cautious Taurus. Explore new opportunities and strategies for your portfolio as you navigate this transit.

Reduce your output and simplify your schedule starting January 30 when routine-conscious Mercury stations retrograde in innovative Aquarius. You may feel drawn to testing new routes and practices during this transit, but remember to keep reasonable expectations of what you can take on.

You'll be feeling more flexible by February 20 when Mercury stations direct in Aquarius, but remember to manage your expectations until March 12 when the messenger planet completes his post-retrograde shadow period.


You're about to embark on a brand new journey of self-discovery, Aquarius. Uranus, your ruling planet, stations direct in loving Taurus on January 14, helping you find inner peace and stability. Enjoy getting to know yourself better and channel this new confidence as the planet of change moves direct.

Get ready to enjoy attention and admiration beginning on January 19, when your love-ruling Sun moves into your first house of self, appearance, and personality. Make the most of this happy transit by investing more time into your self-care routines, and enjoy the process of caring for your physical being. Think of this period as a time to take extra pride in expressing yourself to the world.

You could be inspired to change up your space in a dramatic way starting February 1 when domestic-ruling Venus enters creative Aquarius. Build out inspiration boards, check out vintage or one of a kind pieces, and play with colour as you bring your interior dreams to life.

Choose to set a positive intention to rediscover your hidden self on February 11 when your routine-ruling Moon begins a new cycle in Aquarius. If you could change one thing, what would it be?


How do you overcome challenges, Pisces? You're blessed with the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and move forward starting January 30 when affectionate and home-loving Mercury stations retrograde in inventive Aquarius. Work to overcome past fears by understanding that you cannot repeat old mistakes with focus — you're much stronger than you think you are.

Your wellness-conscious Sun celebrates your first house of self, appearance, and personality beginning February 18, helping you regain your self-confidence and drive. Make time to appreciate your blessings, and use your gifts during this transit. Take time to treat yourself as the Sun shines on your first house, and let it reflect your glow from within.

You'll be feeling more grounded beginning on February 20 when Mercury stations direct in Aquarius, but be gentle with yourself not to take on too much as the messenger planet's post-retrograde shadow period extends to March 12.

You're presented with a glimmering opportunity to set a new intention on March 13, when your creative-ruling Moon begins a new phase in psychic Pisces. Press pause during this event, and consider how you'd like to grow. You have fantastic potential in your hands. How will you use it?

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