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    Oh Quarantine, My Quarantine

    Oh quarantine, what a journey you’ve been for us all. As I write this, in front of me is my half empty closet giving me a dirty look because well… I started organizing it days ago and haven’t quite finished. On the right of me is a stack of books and magazines that I’m “reading” but again… ha... View Post

    A note on the history of Peoples Product

    Writing about your story can be tricky sometimes - Finding the right place to start, highlighting key moments, sharing it in a way that makes people feel the way you feel. I'm going to give it my best shot, and I hope you feel a fraction of what I am trying to convey. Peoples Product started ... View Post

    GIRL GANG GOODIES Carrot Cake Recipe

    I am Morgan and I am the founder of GIRL GANG GOODIES, an online cookie delivery service here in Toronto, Canada. I started this online bakery in 2018 after going through a really challenging year, which looking back felt like a giant trash fire (kind of like right now!). The premise was my b... View Post

    How To Create A Dreamy At-Home Workout Sanctuary

    As we navigate new ways of moving together, we acknowledge that it’s important to properly set-up your space when doing a workout in your home. Here are 5 ways you can enhance your movement experience: Clear a space that feels calm, sacred and comfortable in temperature. Roll out a... View Post
  • Brittany Cutrone

    Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

    We all know how amazing Moms can be! Co-Founders Jennifer and Taylor hopped on a very important FaceTime earlier this week and put together their top picks to make mom smile! From the gardener, the hostess to the beauty guru we’ve got you covered. We’ve got mama on our minds. 1. Take... View Post
  • Brittany Cutrone

    A Zero-Waste Period

    Periods were something I didn’t think much about. Every cycle, I’d go through the same motions of managing my body - whether it was experiencing cramping or discomfort, or dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions. Honestly, periods were something I always dreaded. That is, until I found Organ... View Post
  • Brittany Cutrone

    An Energizing Morning Yoga Flow

    Practicing yoga in the morning is a great way to set your mood for the day, wake yourself up by activating your nervous system and the movement will help with lymphatic drainage. There are way more benefits to having a consistent practice, but the gist is, do some yoga, even if only for 10 mi... View Post
  • Brittany Cutrone

    Stone Fruit + Cherry Smoothie

    A summer smoothie recipe combining everything in season. To make this concoction, skip the frozen aisle and shop at farmer’s markets instead. If you have a low tolerance on overly sweetened liquids like me, you’ll welcome this slightly tart summer blend with open arms. INGREDIENTS ... View Post

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