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  • Alison Wu

    Farro Risotto With Ami Ami

    This is such a fun new take on risotto! I love the substitution of farro for rice. It adds a nuttiness and depth, and the feta gives it a tangy pop! As you may already know, risotto happens to be one of my favorite dishes to make. This version is also great served chilled (or slightly ... View Post
  • Jen + Tay

    Our Letter To Santa

    Definitely farewell, 2020. We plan to soak up every morsel of joy that we can this holiday season. Every. Single. One. Perhaps you aren't giving gifts this year, but if you are, we have a few suggestions. This list may or may not have been copied ... View Post
  • Jen + Tay

    Behind the Scenes: Sustainability and Us

    Did you know that every single thing on this earth is connected? Our water, air, ecosystems, little bugs, sea glass, etc. It's all part of an elaborate system that sustains every living being. Wild, huh? If you've been following Cardea AuSet since our launch, you probably already know ... View Post
  • Cardea AuSet

    Interview With Mary Young

    Mary Young is the founder of MARY YOUNG - a lifestyle brand that offers intimates and more to inspire and ignite moments of self-love and acceptance in your life. Aside from running her namesake line, she focuses on enjoying life outside of work: watc... View Post
  • Bryanna Brown

    Summer Solstice Scopes: Your Summer 2020 Unlocked

    The Summer of 2020 is just heating up, with a ton of essential movements for you to become aware of. We've outlined how you can navigate eclipses, retrogrades, and the Sun's path so that you can make the most of this exciting and fruitful season. ... View Post
  • Amanda Hoffman-Rogers

    Spotlight Series : LOVT Founder Amanda Hoffman-Rogers

    Ever since COVID-19 has started I’ve struggled with keeping myself on a structured daily plan, now after 3 months I’ve finally settled on something that really works for me...for the time being anyway. :) I’ve always strived to be a morning person, however naturally like any night owl, I can ... View Post
  • Eva Parrell

    A note on the history of Peoples Product

    Writing about your story can be tricky sometimes - Finding the right place to start, highlighting key moments, sharing it in a way that makes people feel the way you feel. I'm going to give it my best shot, and I hope you feel a fraction of what I am trying to convey. Peoples Product started ... View Post
  • Morgan Lunn

    GIRL GANG GOODIES Carrot Cake Recipe

    I am Morgan and I am the founder of GIRL GANG GOODIES, an online cookie delivery service here in Toronto, Canada. I started this online bakery in 2018 after going through a really challenging year, which looking back felt like a giant trash fire (kind of like right now!). The premise was my b... View Post

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