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Summer Solstice 2021

Are you ready to begin a new chapter this 2021? With a few notable planets going retrograde this summer, we are asked to re-evaluate how our perspective affects our daily life.


We're encouraged to reflect on how we're blessed so far this year, starting on June 20, when Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion stations retrograde in sensitive Pisces. Use this transit to consider how you can share your blessing with others, and pay it forward. Thinking about how you can improve your space? We're ready to lay down roots and get comfortable at home beginning on June 20, when the Sun moves into domestic-ruling Cancer. If you've got a sensitive crab in your life, reach out to them to let them know how appreciated and loved they are.


Additionally, look for where Cancer is located in your birth chart so that you can identify how you create a safe space. Take a page out of the Crab's book, and add a new practice to your bathing rituals with the Black Bian Body Gua-Sha. Smoothing out will help you to connect with your body.

It's time to clear the air starting on June 22, when Mercury, our planet of communication and technology, stations direct in his favourite sign of Gemini. It's cool to start signing contracts, buy new technology and communicate clearly once the speedy planet completes his shadow period on July 7. Retrograde fact: Shadow periods are a time of transition after a planet goes direct. During this post-retrograde shadow period, elements of your life can get out of whack. Take your time and be gentle with yourself and others as you find your footing.


While it may seem as though everything is hunky-dory on paper, it's easier to get steamrolled with new information beginning June 25. Neptune, our planet of dreams and illusions, stations retrograde in intuitive Pisces. If you've been workshopping an idea, make sure you've gathered lots of feedback before investing too much of your time and energy. This reverse motion will help to reveal critical details that were previously unknown.


We're ready to celebrate our inner performer starting on July 22, when the Sun moves into the regal sign of Leo. Spice things up and seek out the spotlight. Look for where Leo is highlighted in your chart to understand better where you seek recognition for your talents. Want to know how the Lion gets his glow? They prioritize grooming, particularly skincare. The Golden Hour Body Oil is the perfect complement to anyone seeking out a Leo-like glow.

The process of innovation requires rest and observation. Practice patience with yourself and others beginning on August 19, when enigmatic Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus on August 19, helping us connect with a new concept of stability. When the planet of change moves in reverse, he asks us to slow down and consider why we're rebelling and conserve our energy – work smarter, not harder.


We're in the mood to get ahead of the curve starting August 22, when the Sun makes his way into exacting Virgo. This transit helps us get organized and cut the fat — if you've got any Virgo Suns in your life, they'll be happy to lend a hand if you ask for it. This helpful transit encourages us to take stock of what we need. Take a peek at your birth chart to interpret how you create clarity from chaos. Make sorting fun with a brand new Baggu to take to the beach, home office, or market. Read on to find out what's in store for your sign!


Are you champing at the bit to get back into the swing of things, Aries? Your adventurous spirit is ready to be replenished starting on June 20, when Jupiter, your planetary ruler of education, travel, and philosophy, stations retrograde in thoughtful Pisces. Instead of jetting off to your next dream destination, use this period to research where and how you'd like to grow your mind. You'll be ready to spread your wings starting October 18, when the planet of expansion stations direct.


Are you looking to redirect your energy? Put a focus on prioritizing your well-being beginning June 22 as health and work ruling Mercury stations direct in intelligent Gemini. Connect with friends and brainstorm new ways for you to enjoy elevating your physical being.


Find exciting new ways to have fun close to home beginning on July 22. The Sun, your planetary ruler of pleasure and entertainment, moves into your 5th house of creativity and romance. Single or attached, this is a beautiful time to indulge your playful side.


Get ready to talk business, Taurus. Mercury, your planetary ruler of money and values, stations direct in communicative Gemini on June 22, helping you better understand your assets. Hold your cards close to your chest until July 7, when the messenger planet exits his shadow period. Waiting for the right moment is just as important as finding your perfect opportunity.


Your attitude towards wellness gets elevated beginning June 27, when Venus, your health and work ruler, makes her way into regal Leo. Prioritize rejuvenation with a pretty twist to stay motivated.


Career-conscious Uranus stations retrograde in steady Taurus on August 19, helping you to build your influence. When the planet of change moves in reverse, he asks you to spend quality time at the drawing board. You'll be ready to move forward with confidence in January of 2022 if you put in the effort.


Are you craving some me-time, Gemini? Focus on manifesting self-love starting on June 20, when Romantic ruling Jupiter stations retrograde in sensitive Pisces. This retrograde period will help you to reconnect with your desires so that you can voice them to your current or potential partners.


Don't be afraid to ask for what you need starting on June 22, when wellness-minded Mercury stations direct in honest Gemini. Make sure that you know what to ask for ahead of time. Avoid putting your foot in your mouth by being extra cautious until Mercury exits his post retrograde shadow period on July 7.


Are you considering a career change? You may find yourself exploring new opportunities for your professional path beginning on June 25 when influential Neptune stations retrograde in spiritual Pisces. Revisit old dreams and goals as you navigate this transit.


When was the last time that you indulged in self-care, Cancer? Take some time to retreat into your crab shell starting June 20, when wellness-ruling Jupiter stations retrograde in intuitive Pisces. The planet of luck and expansion encourages you to consider how you can better care for your well-being as he moves in reverse through the emotional fellow water sign. Get into nature and enjoy connecting with the earth as you find out what works best for you.


It's time to step into the limelight beginning June 20, when your money-ruling Sun makes his way into your first house of self, appearance, and first impressions. You're giving off a glow that turns heads, so why not take the opportunity to dress up a little more while the Sun celebrates your sign? Take a moment to create a new mindset on July 9, when the ruling Moon begins a new cycle in imaginative Cancer.


Are you ready to make it rain, Leo? Mercury, your sign's ruler of money and value stations direct in intelligent Gemini starting June 22, helping you to make smart moves with your cash. Take your time while the messenger planet exits his post-retrograde shadow period on July 7, as it's easy to get confused as Mercury sorts things out.


Your influence grows quickly, beginning on June 27, when career-ruling Venus speeds into charismatic Leo. If you're starting a new solo venture or looking to level up at work, you'll be sure to win the hearts of those who can help you succeed.


Revel in your success beginning on July 22, when the ruling Sun moves into your first house of self, appearance, and first impressions. When you're off the clock, it's time to party! Go big and make every day of Leo season a celebration.


Slow down before you speed up, sweet Virgo. You've got a lot on your mind as ruling Mercury stations direct in inquisitive Gemini on June 22. You may feel as though you're ready to blast off when the messenger planet moves direct. It's more critical for you to have patience and take your time as Mercury completes his post-retrograde shadow period on July 7.


Save your energy and drive for smooth sailing in all that you do. You're a people-magnet starting August 22 when the ego-ruling Sun brightens your first house of self, appearance, and first impressions. Friends, family, and colleagues seek your guidance as the Sun lights up this important house. Don't be afraid to say no and set boundaries to protect your energy — it can be thrilling to be needed, but you can't pour from an empty cup.


Refocus your energy towards a personal goal on September 6, when the Moon begins a new cycle in Virgo. Journal and meditate on your wish so that you can reflect on your progress with future you.


Focus on listening carefully to others, Libra. Jupiter, your planetary ruler of communication and mental energy stations retrograde in psychic Pisces, asking you to slow down. Enjoy your quiet time, and make room to listen to your inner voice while the planet of expansion moves in reverse.


You'll be ready to speak with confidence when Jupiter moves forward on October 17. Your natural charisma swells beginning August 16 when ruling Venus brightens social Libra. Enjoy the attention and build out a social calendar that doesn't drain your energy so that you can bring the best you to every interaction. It's ok to have some alone time so that you can recharge.


Single or attached, you'll be craving romance in a big way starting September 14 when your love ruler Mars makes his way into flirtatious Libra. Spice things up by getting out of your comfort zone and enjoy getting to know your partner on an intimate level.


It's time for you to try sitting still, Scorpio. You're asked to inspect your comfort systems beginning June 20, when value-conscious Jupiter stations retrograde in intuitive Pisces. It could be an excellent time for you to readjust your budget so that you can make room for better self-understanding.


Are you ready to lay down some roots? Take your time evaluating your options with careful consideration starting August 19 when domestic-ruling Uranus stations retrograde in home-loving Taurus. If you're convinced that you need to make a move, make a trip to your intended destinations to help solidify your decision. If it's meant to be, you'll have a better view by January 2022 when the planet of innovation stations direct.


Whether you're in a relationship or single, you'll be ready to spice things up romantically starting September 10 when love-ruling Venus speeds into determined Scorpio. This transit is all about securing your bonds and enjoying all-encompassing attention.


Time to do a self-check, Sagittarius. Ruling Jupiter stations retrograde in sensitive Pisces on June 20, encouraging you to take a look at how you expend your energy. The planet of expansion is here to help you understand your patterns and how you can improve upon them.


If you commit towards self-growth, you'll be ready to reach new heights starting October 17, when Jupiter stations direct in forward-thinking Aquarius. Looking for love? You'll be ready to get your butterflies fluttering again beginning on June 22 when romantic-minded Mercury stations direct in flirty Gemini. If you're looking to impress a special someone, wait until July 7, when Mercury exits his post-retrograde shadow period to make your move. In a relationship? Bring the fire back to your partnership by switching up your date night ideas and getting out of the house.


You might notice little home improvement projects pop up starting June 25 when domestic-ruling Neptune stations retrograde in intuitive Pisces. Take notes on what you'd like to fix as the planet of illusions lifts his veil.


You're constantly evolving, Capricorn. Take time to reflect on what you've learned from this past Mercury retrograde on June 22, when the health and work ruling messenger planet stations direct in thoughtful Gemini. Write down what you've accomplished and reflect on your lessons starting July 7, when Mercury completes his post-retrograde shadow period. Your heart expands on June 24, when your love-ruling Moon waxes full in ambitious Capricorn. Use this transit to reflect on how your emotions reveal themselves to you and how you can use them to understand your relationships better. Be keen to listen starting June 25, when communication-ruling Neptune stations retrograde in psychic Pisces. You're encouraged to focus on what people aren't saying while the planet of illusions moves in reverse. This transit highlights truths being revealed — pay attention to actions over words.


Embrace an attitude of abundance, Aquarius. Use your keen mind to examine your spending habits beginning June 25, when money-ruling Neptune stations retrograde in imaginative Pisces. When the planet of dreams and illusions moves in reverse, he helps us see things as they truly are — take advantage of this clarity until December 2, when he stations direct.


Change your idea of success, as your health and work ruling Moon waxes full in Aquarius twice, on July 23 and again on August 22. Take notes on how you've manifested success during these illuminating phases of the Moon. Practice being still starting August 19 when your ruling planet, Uranus, stations retrograde in reliable Taurus. Reflect on how you define self-worth — it's time for you to reimagine your image.


What makes your heart sing, Pisces? You might be seeking out a new direction to swim in, beginning June 20 when influence-ruling Jupiter stations retrograde in psychic Pisces. If you're unhappy with your current career and are looking to make a change, get back to basics. Use this transit to learn from your mistakes — you can only come out stronger.


Enjoy reconnecting with your center beginning June 22, when love and family ruling Mercury stations direct in chatty Gemini. Get conversations going, and forgive yourself for any brainfarts that come along the way while Mercury inhabits his post-retrograde shadow period until July 7.


You're dealt with a heavy dose of reality starting June 25 when ruling Neptune stations retrograde in sensitive Pisces. Work on being kind to yourself and others as new truths are revealed. Stay grounded by practicing mindfulness, keeping a journal, and expressing gratitude for your blessings.

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