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Cardea Auset Spring Equinox 2022 Horoscopes 

Happy New Astrological Year! We kick off the spring season by celebrating the Sun in Aries on March 20, igniting a new fire from within. Prepare to ground yourself on and around April 12, when Jupiter, the planet of luck, forms a conjunction with illusion-loving Neptune. This energy is confidence-boosting but can also encourage you to get caught up in fantasies. Keep your feet on the ground as these planets influence each other. Pluto, the planet of rebirth, begins his yearly retrograde path on April 29 in authoritative Capricorn. This reverse motion inspires us to reconsider how we relate to power struggles in our careers and passions.

Be ready to let go of what's no longer working. Investigate how you can move forward once he stations direct on October 8 in Capricorn. It's time to anticipate new beginnings on April 30, upon the arrival of the Moon's first Solar Eclipse for 2022. This super-charged New Moon in sensual Taurus will work alongside how we invest time, energy, and money into ourselves. Make space in your life for blessings to arrive on May 3, as bountiful Jupiter forms a happy sextile with transformative Pluto. As luck comes to you, there's no need to exert extra energy under this transit. These planets will help to open exciting new doors. It's time for a little cosmic housekeeping on May 16, as the Lunar Eclipse in strategic Scorpio could bring attention to what is no longer needed. Pay close attention to the emotions that arise during this lunation, and allow yourself to go with the flow. It's time to make space for bigger and brighter things — this eclipse might highlight matters that had previously gone unseen. Are you ready to create a new you? The slate is wiped clean starting June 4, as rule-making Saturn stations retrograde in independent Aquarius. Read on to find out what's in store for your sign!


Aries and Aries Rising

It's your time to shine, Aries. You're ready to command the astrological stage starting March 20 as your imaginative-ruling Sun shines on your first house of self, appearance, and first impressions. Prepare yourself for exciting days by adding Phoebe Facial Oil to your nighttime routine, and get 8 hours of beauty sleep. You're in the mood to plan adventures and get-togethers this spring and keep the party going all summer long. Set an intention to take care of yourself and your safe space on April 30, during the solar eclipse in sensible Taurus. This lunation will help charge up your goals and allow you to sync up your schedule with your social life. 


Taurus and Taurus Rising

You're a real gem, Taurus. The Sun enters your first house of self, appearance, and first impressions beginning April 19. As an earth sign, you know exactly how to treat yourself right. Celebrate your birthday season in style this season by adding the Cardea Auset Rose Quartz Roller to your beauty repertoire. It's time to get a little witchy at home and set some intentions on April 30, upon the arrival of the Solar Eclipse in Taurus. This powerful new Moon allows you to create meaningful change in your home, as the Sun rules your domestic zones. If you're single, you could have the chance to mingle in style on May 3, when lucky Jupiter forms a sextile with romantic Pluto. In a relationship? Use this transit to step out of your usual routine and spice things up with your partner. 


Gemini and Gemini Rising

Do you ever get swept away in the moment, Gemini? You might find yourself flying towards an exciting new goal on April 12, when passionate Jupiter forms a conjunction with professional-minded Neptune. You could even cross paths with an exciting new date in your career sphere if you're single. Tread carefully in both matters, as this transit can be more style than substance. You'll be free to trust your heart again on May 3, as love-ruling Jupiter creates a sextile with routine-ruling Pluto. The aspects of these planets are far more forgiving when it comes to heart matters, whether you're single or attached. Get ready to grab the spotlight starting on May 20 when the Sun enters your first house of self, appearance, and first impressions. Upgrade your self-care routine with Golden Hour Body Oil and shimmer, baby!

Cancer and Cancer Rising

It's time to lighten up a little, crabby Cancer. Health and wellness ruling Jupiter creates an easy-breezy conjunction with lucky Neptune on April 12, helping you see the beauty in the simple things. Get outside and reconnect with nature as these planets link up. You might be able to make a little money with the help of your friends starting on April 19, as your financial ruling Sun brightens up your 11th house of friendship and goals. If you're looking for a new gig, put out the word to your network — they'll be happy to lend a hand. Make space for fun on May 3, when routine-ruling Jupiter creates a sextile with entertainment-loving Pluto. Loosen up your schedule, reach out to friends and take your phone off "silence" to stay open to spur-of-the-moment activities. Pack a mini Phoebe facial oil so you can glow on the go. 

Leo and Leo Rising

Re-invent your space, Leo. Tap into your creative impulses and rediscover your home starting on April 29 when domestic-ruling Pluto stations retrograde in ambitious Capricorn. You might even be interested in relocating — now is the time to decide if you're ready for a new chapter.

Eclipses have mindset-shifting powers and are particularly important to Leo, whose ruling planet is the Sun. Meditate on how you'd like to emerge from the shadows on April 30, during the solar eclipse in reliable Taurus. This lunation affects your 10th house of career and public image, encouraging you to set an intention for how you'd like to be perceived. While contemplating how you'd like to move forward, exfoliate some of the past away with the Noire charcoal face mask. You'll be shining from the inside out once you step forth with confidence. 

Virgo and Virgo Rising

Are you ready to let love in, Virgo? You could make some beautiful magic on April 12, when domestic-ruling Jupiter makes a conjunction with passionate Neptune in sweet Pisces. If you're in a relationship, this date could be a beautiful chance for you to reconnect with your partner. Single? If you're seeing someone new, you might be ready to invite them into your world in a thrilling and vulnerable way. Unexpected and pleasant alterations to your space could happen on May 3, when home-loving Jupiter creates a sextile with potent Pluto. Let yourself be flexible and open to change as these planets work their mojo. Maintain your composure by applying the Calm Roller, and enjoy the ride.

Libra and Libra Rising

Listen to your body, Libra. Communication-ruling Jupiter makes a conjunction with wellness-ruling Neptune on April 12 in sensitive Pisces. Have you been giving it what it needs? Create a schedule for your perfect day and try to accomplish at least one of these goals to build a positive habit. Add an indulgent moment, like relaxing in a refreshing SEA Mineral Soak bath. If you've been dreaming about crafting your future, spend some time meditating on the new Moon in determined Taurus on April 30. This lunation has the juice to power some serious intention setting—get to the drawing board. Like a certain German heiress from Netflix, you must believe that money "is out there". Channel your inner Anna Delvey (legally) on May 3, as chatty Jupiter creates a prosperous sextile with financial ruling Pluto. 

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

It's time to change direction, Scorpio. Ruling Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn on April 29, guiding you to reconsider your goals. It's up to you to decide if they are still serving their purpose. Get in the mood to tackle this conundrum with Activate Mood Mist and refocus your attention on your current needs. Money-minded Jupiter forms a sextile with ruling Pluto on May 3, aiding you in financial matters. The beauty of this transit is that it allows you to sit back and relax as it works its magic. Stay present and open-minded as these two planets work together. 

Assess elements in your career that no longer serve you around May 16, upon the arrival of the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. It could become shockingly clear how you should make your next big move — pay attention and act accordingly.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

Focus on how you can make your home a haven, Sagittarius. You could be blessed with some divine inspiration around April 12, when ruling Jupiter makes a conjunction with domestic-ruling Neptune. Conjure up mood boards, and enrich the experience you want to create with sumptuous scents from the Cardea Auset Candle Trio. You're invited to re-evaluate your beliefs beginning on April 29, as intuitive Pluto stations retrograde in practical Capricorn. Ruling Jupiter forms a sextile with sensitive Pluto on May 3, helping you find your soul's direction. Don't be afraid to challenge the status quo as you navigate this transit. Trust your spirit and choose transformation — you can only move forward.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

Lean into your intuition, Capricorn. You could be picking up on hidden messages on April 12, as spiritual Jupiter forms a conjunction with communicative Neptune in psychic Pisces. Allow yourself to reach into the ether for inspiration as these planets work their magic. Being receptive to mystical powers could help you awaken a new side of yourself on May 3, as sensitive Jupiter creates a sextile with transformative Pluto. Connect with your body as you wait for this information download. Focus on stimulating blood flow and incorporate massage with the Black Bian Body Gua Sha in your self-care practice. 

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

It pays to be observant, Aquarius. Play your cards right on April 12, when lucky Jupiter creates a conjunction with financial Neptune. You could fall into a bit of cash, but be careful. This transit has a tendency to embellish and elaborate essential details. Stay calm and collected as these planets work together. The world is your oyster, and pearls are made from the tiniest pieces of sand. Plant a seed for your future on April 30, during the Solar Eclipse in security-loving Taurus. Invest time in yourself under this lunation as this magnificent new Moon helps you reach your goals. Charming Jupiter forms a sweet sextile with professional-minded Pluto on May 3, bringing new career opportunities to light. Add the Rosa Facial Mist to your morning routine to start all of your days with a fresh point of view. 

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Let your optimistic spirit inspire you, Pisces. Career-focused Jupiter forms a sweet conjunction with ruling Neptune on April 12 in sensitive Pisces, helping to open you to new possibilities for your passions. Keep your feet planted on solid ground as to not get swept away in fantasy under this dreamy transit. Light up a LOTTIE candle and focus on the notes of bergamot, pink grapefruit, and warm vanilla to help center your thoughts. You can better advocate for your needs beginning April 19, as the health and wellness ruling Sun brightens your 3rd house of communication in sensible Taurus. Make sure to create proper boundaries so that you can rest and recharge. Set a powerful intention for yourself before the arrival of the solar eclipse on April 30. This super-charged new Moon in materialistic Taurus will allow you to re-evaluate how you can improve your self-worth. Meditate on how you'd like to invest in yourself under this lunation.

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