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Spring Equinox Horoscopes


Can you feel the warmth building? We're ready to begin a new astrological year starting on March 20 as the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. The powerful Ram is prepared to get things moving and inspires us to take action and move forward. Get ready to bust out of your shell and take charge of this exciting time.


The ego-ruling Sun continues to make his way through the zodiac and enters reliable and luxury-loving Taurus on April 19. The Sun's presence in this earth sign helps us figure out how we can create more stability in our lives and focus our energies on better supporting our foundations. Get ready to release control starting on April 27, as tiny but powerful Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn, helping us readjust our attitudes towards our responsibilities and expectations. When the planet of rebirth moves in reverse, he invites us to re-evaluate essential issues that we've been ignoring and create new space where voids have been left for exciting new opportunities.


If you're craving stimulation, you may notice the world becomes a much more exciting place starting on May 20, as the Sun speeds into inquisitive Gemini. It's a brilliant time to share ideas that uplift each other and socialize safely. Try not to get discouraged if a friend flakes or forgets to write back, as we can become more disorganized under this transit. It's time to see what we're made of, starting on May 23, as rule-making Saturn stations retrograde in independent Aquarius. When the ringed planet moves backward, we are called to rewrite the rules that we've made for ourselves. What once worked in the past may need repair or updating — meditate on how you can redirect your energy in more efficient ways while Saturn moves in reverse. Reflect on your emotions, and hidden feelings as the Moon waxes full into a Lunar Eclipse in honest Sagittarius on May 26.




Are you ready to get the party started, Aries? You're encouraged to live your best life starting on March 20 when the pleasure-seeking Sun enters your first house of self, appearance, and identity. Use this transit to make time for self-care and activities that help you celebrate your lust for life.

It may be time for you to reassess your priorities beginning on May 23 as status-minded Saturn stations retrograde in independent Aquarius. Slow down and question your actions more carefully when it comes to your career — is this the path you want to take for yourself? The universe will let you make your own mistakes, keep your awareness up so that you can course-correct with ease. You've got a brilliant opportunity during the Solar Eclipse on June 10 to set a powerful intention when your domestic-ruling Moon opposes the entertainment loving in your 3rd house of communication. Solar Eclipses offer us the chance to make space for new goals and remove what no longer works. This Solar Eclipse will occur in Gemini's intelligent sign, helping you process information and make your next move quickly! Why not focus your attention on reconnecting with your body as you meditate with the Rose Quartz Roller to increase blood flow and circulation. You'll feel refreshed as you incorporate this new tool into your skin-care routine.

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It's time to make treating yourself a habit, Taurus. Wellness-ruling Venus enters luxury-loving Taurus on April 14, encouraging you to take time to prioritize your happiness. Consider how you can adjust your budget to meet your needs better and edit your routines so that you're getting the best bang for your buck.

You're all about quality over quantity right now. Ready to make your space your own? Get into a nesting mood starting on April 19 when the home and family loving Sun enters your first house of self, appearance, and identity.

Focus on uplifting your senses during this transit so that you can connect with the present moment. Add some new candles to your space, like the Cedar Candle, which has a rich woodsy blend of Texas Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang from Madagascar. It's time for you to make some new rules for yourself beginning May 23. Saturn, your planetary ruler of exploration and education, stations retrograde in future-minded Aquarius, encouraging you to rethink your approach to your philosophies and reshape your worldview. When the ringed planet moves in reverse, he helps us stand on our own two feet by putting you in the driver's seat. It's a great time to learn from your mistakes and get experimental with new schools of thought.  

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Are you ready for a new routine, Gemini? Schedule-ruling Pluto stations retrograde in determined Capricorn starting on April 27, helping you to re-imagine the structure of your days. It may become evident that a wellness ritual is no longer working for you and that you need to change things up to keep yourself sharp. Investigate new practices that help you look at your life from a different perspective while Pluto moves in reverse. It's time to come out of your shell and sparkle, beginning on May 20, as the Sun enters your first house of self, appearance, and identity. Begin your days with powerful meditation, affirmations, and a spirit of thankfulness to engage your confidence during this transit. Are you looking for a new ritual to help kick-start this process? Start with a spritz of Activate Mood Mist as you center your thoughts. Have you got money on your mind? You're primed to dream up some profitable new solutions for your budget on June 10, as your financial-ruling Moon begins a Solar Eclipse in quick-thinking Gemini. Take a moment to write down your financial goals, and consider how you will reach your targets during this powerful cosmic event.

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Take some time to consider how you can heal yourself, Cancer. You're encouraged to step back and look at what isn't working on May 26, when your ruling Moon undergoes a Lunar Eclipse in open-hearted Sagittarius. You may want to consider the impact of your desires as the money-ruling Sun in your 12th house of secrets, inner growth, and spirituality opposes the Moon.

Take time to do some inner work, and listen to your inner voice as you navigate this transit. Invest in your self-care routines and massage any tension with a Cardea Rose Quartz Roller to bring your attention to the present moment.

You'll be in the mood to inject a little joy into your space starting on June 2, as domestic-ruling Venus makes her way into sensitive Cancer. Tidy up and make space for home decor that you've had in your cart; choose colours that bring you happiness and enjoy your creation.

Have you been daydreaming about brighter days? Take a moment to set a positive intention on June 10, during the Solar Eclipse in optimistic Gemini. Your financial-minded Sun in your 12th house will help you to understand better how seeking out stability can fit into your sensitive world. Use this energetic new Moon to think about your budget sustainably.


Is it time to give your surroundings a face-lift, Leo? You may be ready to revamp your space starting on April 27 when domestic-ruling Pluto stations retrograde in determined Capricorn. Use this transit to look at your home and figure out how you can transform it to help change your habits and routines. Create different moods for each room that you inhabit with each of Cardea AuSet's scented candles, Cedar, Dale, and June to get inspired. The simple ritual of lighting a candle could also help you readjust your mindset starting on May 23, as wellness-minded Saturn stations retrograde in forward-thinking Aquarius.

The ringed planet is moving in reverse, giving you the power to create new routines and set new rules for your health and well-being. Remember that it's good to try out new things, and make mistakes along the way. Your ruling Sun in your 11th house of friendship and goals opposes a new Moon in Gemini on June 10, creating an influential Solar Eclipse. It's time to make magic and evaluate how you'd like to reach your next level and who you'll take with you to the top. Take a moment to be mindful of how you spend your energy during this transit.

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How do you get your kicks, Virgo? It may be time for you to test out some new ways to boost your endorphins starting on May 23, when pleasure-seeking Saturn stations retrograde in independent Aquarius. When the ringed planet moves in reverse, he puts us in the driver's seat so that we can choose unexplored destinations. The activities that once held your attention may lose their sparkle, so why not get adventurous? Now is the time to step outside your comfort zone and branch out. You may even find yourself making new friends as you embark on this journey. Mercury, your sign's ruling planet and career planet stations, retrograde in intelligent Gemini on May 29, asking you to slow down and chill out at work. Take a look at how you can reduce your output so that you can truly focus on what matters. Need a quick reminder to reset? Spritz a little Calm Mood Mist through the air and walk through it to reinvigorate your senses and rebalance. You're ready to take charge in the bedroom starting on June 11, as sensual Mars enters regal Leo. If you're single, this charming transit could help you to seduce the object of your affection and make a lasting impression. Attached? Utilize this transit to sweep your partner off their feet and bring old-school romance back into your relationship — you'll be irresistible.


How do you react to unexpected changes, Libra? You're called to be more decisive at home starting May 23, when domestic-ruling Saturn stations retrograde in idealistic Aquarius. The planet of rules and regulations wants you to do some decision-making while he moves in reverse, allowing you to reshape your foundations.

If you've been considering making a move to a new space or city, this could be your opportunity to spread your wings. If you're not ready to make a big move, consider what you can do to improve your home during Saturn's retrograde.

Take some time to reconnect with your inner voice beginning May 29, as spirit-guiding Mercury stations retrograde in communicative Gemini. As the planet of expression moves in reverse, he encourages you to slow down and better understand your hidden self. Make time for quiet contemplation and collect your thoughts as you restore your body. Add some SEA Mineral Soak to your bath as you relax and unwind. Are you ready to level up your professional game? You're blessed with a beautiful opportunity to grow your career on June 10, during the Solar Eclipse in communicative Gemini. Set an intention during this super-charged New Moon that encourages you to begin a new project that invigorates your mind

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It's time to create a brand new you, Scorpio. Embrace letting go of your old self starting on April 27, when ruling Pluto stations retrograde in ambitious Capricorn. The planet of death and rebirth is here to help you realize new possibilities — start from the beginning.

While this transit encourages new growth, you need to learn to love your past self before you begin to evolve. Be gentle as you navigate this exciting retrograde. In your 8th house of death, sex, and transformation, the Sun opposes the Gemini New Moon on June 10, making this a significant Solar Eclipse for you to work with. Mark your calendar and make time to be mindful of how you speak and think about change during this transit.

Routine-ruling Mars makes his way into regal Leo beginning on June 11, bringing a new polish to how you go about your daily life. Consider how you can amp up your skincare routine in the morning with vitamin-rich Aurora Facial Oil so that you can shine as bright as the Lion. As Mars helps to rule your wellness zone, doing something as simple as prioritizing your outward appearance helps strengthen your physical being.


Be gentle with yourself, Sagittarius. You're about to have your spiritual world intensify starting on April 27, as inner-growth ruling Pluto stations retrograde in realistic Capricorn. To take some of the pressure off yourself, practice mindfulness and meditation as you navigate this transit. Look to cleanse your space with lavender or mugwort as an alternative to sage. Research your ancestors' traditions if you're looking to connect with your past in a more meaningful way. Reconnect with your inner artist starting on May 13 when ruling Jupiter makes his way into imaginative Pisces. Think big and beautiful during this movement, as our largest planet represents expansion, exploration, and hope. Work with this energy by listening to your intuition, and see where it takes you. If you choose to get out into nature, pack some Repel Outdoor Mist, which will naturally keep bugs at bay. Its scent will also boost your mood, as it contains witch hazel and essential oils known to ward off pests – including citronella, clove bud, lavender, and tea tree oil. Reflect on how you'd like to strengthen your relationships on May 26, during the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. It's time to strongly consider what isn't working for you as the Moon opposes the Sun in your 7th house of partnerships, marriage, and business. Is it time for you to create new boundaries? Do you require more support? Evaluate how you can move forward during this revealing transit.

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Are you ready to reinvent yourself, Capricorn? Saturn, your ruling planet, stations retrograde in independent Aquarius on May 23, giving you the nudge you need to explore a new side of yourself. Imagine new possibilities and allow yourself to make mistakes as you work with the ringed planet's reverse movement. Get into the groove by incorporating an exfoliating mask into your skincare routine with Noire Charcoal Mask, which helps unclog pores and stimulates new blood flow. If you're in a relationship, you may need to have a heart-to-heart with your partner before the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. Your affection-ruling Moon opposes the Sun in your 6th house of health and service, encouraging you to chat about shared responsibilities. Single? Use this transit to evaluate how you can better conserve your energy and stay organized and uplifted. Simplify your routine and take the time to remove what no longer serves you. You're called to relax your body and mind starting on May 29, when routine-ruling Mercury stations retrograde in quick-thinking Gemini — are you up to the task? You need to relinquish control and let others take the lead during this transit. Work on trusting others more as Mercury moves in reverse.

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Get ready to look inward, Aquarius. You're called to rediscover your hidden self beginning on May 23, when spiritual-guiding Saturn stations retrograde in independent Aquarius. The ringed planet is all about enforcing the rules that we make for ourselves when he's moving forward.

When Saturn moves in reverse, he gives us the chance to make our own choices and learn from our mistakes. Get experimental during this transit, and allow yourself to try out new ways to connect with your inner self.

Attached? You may want to have a sit down with your partner on May 26, when the love-ruling Sun in your 5th house of romance and play opposes your routine-ruling Moon to figure out how you can create a better flow in your relationship. It could be the perfect opportunity to discuss how you can enjoy each other's company and make more time for physical pleasure. If you're single, this transit can help you to reconnect with your need for sensuality. Whether you're single or attached, celebrate your body and get into the mood with Rosa Facial Spray. This delectable spray isn't just a pretty scent; rose water and aloe juice help hydrate and plump the skin, while beta carotene, amino acids, and a cocktail of vitamins including A, C, and E work to improve skin tone and reduce redness.

Discuss and reflect on how far you've come on June 10, when your love-ruling Sun in your 5th house of pleasure opposes your routine ruling Moon in Gemini. Use this beautiful transit to create an intention that helps to lift you and grow.



Are you working to figure out your creative process, Pisces? You may have a "Eureka!" moment on May 26, when the health and work ruling Sun in your 4th house of home and family opposes your creative ruling Moon in Sagittarius. Pay attention to your intuition and remove what no longer works for you. Allow yourself to adjust and switch things up to encourage your artistic process. If you need help collecting your thoughts, why not adjust your nighttime routine to help bring the day to a close? Phoebe Facial Oil, named after the Greek Moon goddess, is designed to help nourish your skin before bed. Rich in collagen, a mixture of almond oil and vitamins A and E work to repair skin overnight while also brightening dark circles. Try not to rush yourself starting on May 29 when affection ruling Mercury stations retrograde in chatty Gemini. It's ok to take your time to process your emotions when speaking with partners, family, and friends as the messenger planet moves in reverse. Think of this three-week period as a chance to heal and reflect on your emotions. You'll be ready to get back in the mix as soon as Mercury stations direct. Take some time to think about how you'd like to bring your unique vision to life on June 10, when the health and work ruling Sun in your 4th house of home and family opposes your creative ruling Moon in Gemini. There's a way that you can make it work — find the solution and plant a seed to make it possible.

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What are you ready to let go of to move forward? Learn to trust your intuition and evaluate how you would like to redirect your energy towards creating growth in your life. Slow down and smell the roses starting on May 29, when Mercury stations retrograde in intelligent Gemini. We're asked to be more careful with our words when the messenger planet moves in reverse, as it's easier to muddle up communications. On the flip side, Mercury's retrograde is an excellent time to reminisce on fond memories and look for lost things — enjoy hunting for a little nostalgia.


We're blessed with a beautiful opportunity to start fresh, starting on June 10, under the Solar Eclipse in adaptable Gemini. Set an intention that you'd like to see fulfilled over the next six months, as all Solar Eclipses are ultra-influential new Moons. It's time to start fresh and begin a new chapter — what will you write?


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