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Our Letter To Santa

Definitely farewell, 2020.

We plan to soak up every morsel of joy that we can this holiday season. Every. Single. One. Perhaps you aren't giving gifts this year, but if you are, we have a few suggestions. This list may or may not have been copied and pasted from our own personal letters to Santa. Who cares! It's all good stuff. From the 'small-but-mighty' to the 'dazed while wearing fluffy slippers', we have ideas for every scenario, every mood, every vibe.

Stocking Stuffers

Good things come in small packages, right? Just because it fits in a sock doesn't mean it's NBD! We've curated our favourite goodies for your BF, GF, BFF, CRA, FBI, and your Mom! TTYL 🧦

Wild Woven Collection x Cardea AuSet All is Calm Limited Edition Gift Set $83 on

Above Average Studio 18" Snake Chain $100 on

Home For The Holidays

It's 1998, you're Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and you finally made it home for the holidays. Sorry. It's 2020 and you never left. A few gifties to bring top notch holiday-at-home energy to your place, their place, our place, etc.

Breville The Barista Pro $799 on

Dillon's Rye Whisky 750 ml $44.95 on

Crosley Washed Wood Cruiser Turntable $119 on

Dazed + Confused

T'is the season of the Chill Zone (noun. a room and/or space to relax and unwind in). We're feeling dazed, we're feeling confused, but we're feeling good. Give them only the good stuff this year: a woodsy candle, tranquil tea, and sweet holiday sounds to zone out to.

Cardea AuSet CEDAR Cedarwood + Ylang Ylang Hand-Poured Candle $40 on

Sujin Kimm OK Socks $24 on

Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy

This collection is explicitly for the person with a one for them, one for me philosophy. This collection is explicitly for us. Oops. Well, it's also for the wellness-obsessed, the list-making manifestors, and the people in your life who want to bring a little more cozy to their self-care rituals. Too cozy!

A Drip of Honey Caramel Fluffies $39 on

Cardea AuSet SEA Rose Mineral Soak $30 on

Thgt Snctry Disco Oil $44 on

All Our Kids Have Fur

Friends having kids? Friends adopting pets? You should send something. Meanwhile at home, it seems like a good time to let our fur fam know how much we love them. Plus, have you ever watched a cat do catnip? It's the gift that keeps giving.

North Hound Life Wheat Grass Superfood $34.99 on

The One Where The Friend Moves

Everyone we know is moving. Moving back, moving out, moving north. Consider this a comprehensive list of the exact ingredients you will need to make one (1) house into one (1) home.

Estelle Coloured Glass Wine Stemware Set of 6 in Yellow $175 on

Murphy & Jo Shell Candle in Lilac $32 on

Cardea AuSet Calm Mood Mist $30 on

Tanya Doody SEED Matcha Bowl $48 on

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