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Human Design 101

What exactly is Human Design? And more importantly how does it help us?

Imagine if you were born with an instruction manual; an energetic blueprint which told you exactly what gifts you’ve been given and how best to use them to get what you want in life? Human Design is essentially your soul’s energetic blueprint. It teaches us how best to use and exchange our energy to more easily and enjoyably fulfil our purpose.

You can think of Human Design like a personality framework (similar to Astrology or Myers Briggs), however Human Design takes into account our physical body, our energy and aura. It’s based off the philosophies of the iChing, Kabbalah, the Chakra system, astrology and quantum mechanics.

The Five Types

There are 5 Human Design types and knowing what type you are is a starting point (you can find out HERE). Everyone in your life falls into one of these 5 categories and the better you understand both them and yourself the more compassion and awareness you can bring into your day to day life.

1. Generators

Make up about 35% of the world. Generators are life force in motion. When working correctly they have a consistent supply of energy (unlike the other types). They’re the natural hustlers of society. When they are doing what lights them up, people can’t get enough of them. Their aura can light up the room.

2. Manifesting Generators

Approximately 30% of the population. They are a hybrid of Manifesters and Generators and are designed to be multi-passionate. They show us just what is possible in life, and often follow a unique and non-linear life path. They are designed to follow their curiosities, trusting their path is always leading them exactly where they are meant to be. They give others permission to live a life outside the box.

3. Projectors

Roughly 20% of the population. They are the wise, way-showers and guides. They have the unique gift of seeing how things can be made better. They’re here to tweak and bring efficiency to methods or create new ones. They are said to be the new generation of leaders on the planet. Projectors, however, are more prone to burn out as they often try to keep up with the Generators of the world, so they always need more time to rest and recharge.

4. Manifesters

Make up less than 10% of the population. They are the visionaries. They're here to create momentum and rally the troops. They are the energetic leaders in a room (even when they don’t have the title that says so). Manifestors work faster than any other type, so patience is key! They are here to act on their impulses and truly bring their dreams and visions to life. When go after what they want – those that are meant to help them will follow.

5. Reflectors

The rarest of all types, making up only 1-2% of the population. They are the most energetically sensitive beings on the planet and hold the greatest capacity for wisdom. Reflectors are exactly what the word entails – they are here to reflect and reveal. They mirror back to us the general health, stability, and well-being of their environment. The most intuitive of all the types they are a special breed and you’re lucky to have one in your life as they will always be able to reflect your truth back to you.

No one type is better or worse, and that’s what I love about Human Design. It celebrates our uniqueness and highlights what we specifically have to offer the world. Human Design gave me a permission slip to own who I was and understand myself better. Our sense of self-awareness is ever evolving and the more tools we have to help us navigate our lives the more ease (and success) we can cultivate.

This piece is the first of a 3-part series. Keep an eye out for Part 2: Human Design in our Relationships & Partnerships.

For more information about Human Design, check out Molly's website.

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Molly Ziraldo is a Human Design Reader and Eating Disorder Recovery Advocate. Having overcome her own struggle with Bulimia, she is now dedicated to helping others reconnect with their body, their heart and their purpose. In true Manifesting Generator fashion, Molly was a former professional Figure Skater, worked abroad in the tech industry, is a yoga teacher and also a self-published author of a poetry book. She's currently based in Niagara, Ontario.



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