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How To Declutter Your Mind

Before you can begin the process of “decluttering” your mind, you must first acknowledge the fact that you can never fully declutter your mind. Your mind has many layers and your subconscious will always have thoughts running through. There have been many times during meditation when the most random thought pops into my head and I have no idea where it came from.

Something that I learned during my meditation training was to acknowledge and recognize your thoughts and then let them go. The mind loves to tell stories and you could end up spending your whole meditation adding onto a story from one single thought.

You can’t empty your mind but, you can allow an anchor to bring you back. What is an anchor? Your mediation anchor will allow you to drift away for a moment but, always come back to be present in the current moment.

Types Of Anchors Include:

  • Breath
  • Sound
  • Mantra

Step One: Decide On Your Anchor And Style Of Meditation

When you start your practice, you need to stay with anchor and not change your focus. You will prefer one anchor over another so, it may be a good idea to try each one and pick your favourite. You can never go wrong with your breath, it’s always there whether you realize or not but, I personally prefer the Mantra as Sound can be a little distracting for me.

Breath – Bringing yourself back to your breath when your mind starts to drift

Mantra – Going back to repeating your chosen Mantra

Sound – Setting a timer with a sound and going back to that or the sounds you hear outside

Step Two: Set Your Space

The space you choose should be calming and represent what you want to achieve from meditation. You may even consider cleansing the space with Sage or Palo Santo before you begin. Also, using mists and candles may help to set a mood that aligns with your intentions.

Some items to consider:

• Crystals

• CENTRE Stone Meditation Kit

• Sage

• Cardea Palo Santo

• Candles

• CALM Essential Oil Mood Mist

• Plants

• Meditation Cushion

• Yoga Mat

• Blankets

• Blocks

Step Three: Set An Intention For Practice

What do you want to achieve from your mediation practice? Setting an intention by saying it out loud, using it as a mantra or writing it down can help with your practice. An intention could be patience, gratitude or peace.

Step Four: Set A Timer For How Long You Want To Meditate For

You can simply set a timer on your phone for how long you want to meditate or use an app.

Apps I recommend:

• Calm

• Headspace

• Insight Timer

Step Five: Find A Position That Works For Your Body And How You’re Feeling

Meditation is traditionally practiced sitting cross legged but, can be done in a variety of positions to ensure you are comfortable for the duration of your practice.

Different Sitting Positions:

Laying down

• Legs up the wall

• Sitting up against a wall

• Sitting in a variation of hero pose

• Using blocks under your knees

• Sitting on a bolster or cushion

Step Six: Close Your Eyes And Take Four Deep Breaths

The best way to prepare for mediation is to take 4 breaths on purpose and let those be the start of your breath for practice.

Step Seven: Meditate


You are not there.

You are here.

Be here.

Be all here.

Breath in.

Breathe out.

Just be here


Lisa Kiss is an entrepreneur with an active mind that is constantly overflowing with ideas. In 2016, Lisa found yoga in an effort to incorporate movement and mindfulness into her daily life. Initially an on-and-off practice, Lisa began a more consistent practice in 2018, and is now en route to becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher. Lisa’s blog Kiss Collective has transformed throughout her journey, and is now more attuned with the moon than ever. While on this mindful living journey, Lisa dove head-first into conscious consumerism, and regularly writes about ethical fashion, clean beauty, crystals, astrology, meditation, and yoga.


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