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  • Bryanna Brown

    Winter Solstice Horoscopes

    We begin our Winter Solstice with the great conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, a rare transit that occurs once every 20 years. During this movement, these slow-moving planets will move in tandem from earth sign Capricorn, who has been focusing our energy toward materi... View Post
  • Jen + Tay

    Our Letter To Santa

    Definitely farewell, 2020. We plan to soak up every morsel of joy that we can this holiday season. Every. Single. One. Perhaps you aren't giving gifts this year, but if you are, we have a few suggestions. This list may or may not have been copied ... View Post
  • Anney Pang

    Habit Stacking: Create Your Perfect Routine

    2020 is truly an unpredictable year and as a result of all the ups and downs, I develop a growing appreciation for the smaller wins in life. These days, I operate by putting my best efforts forward and worry less about the outcomes. More importantly, I gave up on overwhelming my weekend... View Post
  • Delaney Campion

    Winter Care Guide with House Plant Nurse

    The seasons are changing, the days are getting shorter, colder, and we are all adaptingto these new but familiar conditions. Even subtle changes to our daily rituals, like eating habitsor skin care routines, can increase our sense of wellness and generally make us feel preparedfor th... View Post
  • HarperCollins Canada HCC Frenzy

    Six Books To Get Cozy With This Autumn

      Hi there! We’re HCC Frenzy, the team at HarperCollins Canada who can’t stop talking about Young Adult books! We’ve always been bookworms, but ever since the pandemic hit and everyone’s stress levels have been on the rise, we’ve come to appreciate the easy escape a book offers even ... View Post
  • Cardea AuSet

    Meet Kaila McManus of The KM Method

    Kaila McManus, founder of The KM Method, is a Certified Pilates Instructor, student of Holistic Nutrition, and lover of all things health and wellness.   Her journey to creating The KM Method came just over three years ago! After attending regular classes at Studio Lagree (THE Holly... View Post
  • Babe Creative

    DIY Pumpkin Mask

    You’ve made the sourdough. The banana bread phase has passed. Now it’s time to make your own face mask.   With the ample amount of time we have to spend at home on our own, it’s a great opportunity to take a moment to experiment with natural ingredients that are good for your body i... View Post
  • Tamara Jones

    Conscious Scrolling: Mindful Social Media Strategies

    When the world turned upside down this past spring, I found myself with nothing to cling to aside from my iPhone. It was the first thing I picked up in the morning and the last thing I put down before falling asleep; sometime... View Post

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